IEEE ComSoc School

6G Communication and Wireless Technologies

Boston, MA  –  June 5-9, 2023

Join us in the 2023 IEEE ComSoc School Series in Boston that will be focused on next-generation communication and networking technologies for 6G wireless systems.

About the Program


Lecture topics will mainly focus on technologies driving innovation at the physical and network layers, such as:

  • Exploiting frequencies above 100 GHz.
  • Network sensing.
  • Open Radio Access Network (ORAN).
  • Artificial intelligence-driven communication algorithms and protocols.
ComSoc School 2023

Also included in the program will be discussions of the Metaverse, ubiquitous Extended Reality (XR), and intelligent connected robotics. Considering that 6G is not expected to be the last generation of wireless systems, the final day of the school will focus on trending research topics that are still in the early stages of development. A number of these areas are indicative of research topics that may be addressed in late stages of the 6G timeframe or in future systems (i.e., 7G).

In addition to covering all essential elements of the 6G landscape, the content also emphasizes next-generation solutions for high-rate connectivity at the physical layer, MAC layer, and network layer.

The Agenda


Learn in a hands-on program with exercises, demos, and lab visits
in our unique set of experiential facilities

  • Teranova: The world’s first communications and networking Terahertz testbed 

  • Colosseum: The world’s largest wireless network emulator

  • Indoor and outdoor flying cages

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