Can real-time communication be achieved at THz frequencies?

A Real-Time Ultra-broadband Software-Defined Radio Platform for Terahertz Communications

Overview architecture of our 130 GHz SDR including the RFSoC, IF analog network, 130–140 GHz front-ends, and custom dashboard showing received constellation of the two-channels running real-time.

Researchers at the WIoT Institute are improving experimental terahertz communication platforms that enable real-time communication. With the narrowing of the terahertz technology gap, several platforms have been developed for experimental terahertz communication. While these platforms primarily serve as channel-sounding or technology demonstrator test beds, they do not offer re-configurable physical layer units for real-time communication.

Researchers demonstrated a 16 Gbps communication link using a custom-built, fully re-configurable software-defined radio (SDR). How they made it possible? Learn the details

Paper Abstract


Wireless communication in the terahertz band (100 GHz to 10 THz) is envisioned as a critical building block of 6G wireless systems, due to the abundant channel bandwidth available above 100 GHz.

Thanks to the narrowing of the so-called terahertz technology gap, several platforms for experimental terahertz communication research have been recently developed. However, these are mostly channel-sounding or technology demonstrator test-beds that do not contain a re-configurable physical layer unit to accomplish real-time communication.

Those systems are very popular when it comes to conducting channel and physical layer experiments, which is why today’s sub-Thz research is focused on channel studies and physical layer design. However, the upper networking layers have been mainly studied in simulations that do not necessarily capture this frequency band’s hardware impairments and peculiarities. In this paper, we demonstrate a communication link of 16 Gbps by utilizing our custom-built, fully re-configurable software-defined radio (SDR) at 135 GHz over 8 GHz of bandwidth.


WIoT Researchers Associated

  • Hussam Abdellatif

    Ph.D. Student

  • Viduneth Ariyarathna

    Ph.D. Student

  • Sergey Petrushkevich

    Undergraduate Student

  • Josep Jornet

    Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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