North American OTIC in the Boston Area

Open6G O-RAN Testing and Integration Center

The Open6G Open Testing and Integration Center (OTIC) is a hub for developing and testing next-generation wireless networks based on Open RAN. The OTIC was approved by the O-RAN Alliance as North American OTIC in the Boston Area (Northeastern University) in May 2023.

The Open6G OTIC provides testing services for Open RAN products, including compliance, interoperability, performance, and functional testing against multiple state-of-the-art environments – from real 5G RANs to emulated networks in Colosseum and RAN/RIC emulators.

OTIC Testing Equipment

  • A 48 x 49 x 20ft RF anechoic chamber, which allows to precisely characterize the emission of RUs in a controlled and isolated environment and to perform 3GPP Conformance Certification.
  • An indoor software-defined testbed with 24 software-defined radios and 64 ceiling-mounted antennas (Arena).
  • A private 5G network with a mix of commercial RUs and open-source DUs/CUs.
  • A 150 x 200 x 60 ft , which enables safe experimentation with connected flying vehicles and related use cases. The outdoor space is connected to an indoor anechoic chamber.
  • 128 NI USRP X310 in the Colosseum environment, each paired with a dedicated Dell PowerEdge blade that is user-accessible and can run any kind of software-defined wireless workload; The software in integrated with a CI/CD pipeline that continuously fetches and tests the latest version of the open wireless protocol stack and makes it readily accessible for users.
  • Multiple racks of networking switches, FPGAs, and GPUs to run the Colosseum massive channel emulator (MCHEM), with complex ray-tracing capabilities to create high-fidelity digital replicas (digital twins) of the real-world physical environments, large-scale AI/ML training, O-RAN services (e.g., near-real-time and non-real-time RICs).


Key components of the OTIC include:


OTIC Facilities

OTIC Facilities

The OTIC is hosted in the Northeastern WIoT Open6G facilities, which includes an open space with 4600  square feet of collaboration and experimental space, a conference room, a dedicated office, a storage room, and a data center room with dedicated cooling, power supply, and networking infrastructure. In addition to this indoor space, we provide access to an outdoor UAV flying cage and an indoor anechoic chamber in the same campus.


  • System-level testing and interoperability for end-to-end Open RAN system with physical and remote access

  • Integration of commercial hardware and software on top of state-of-the-art experimental facilities for emulation testing

  • Security, privacy, ease of deployment, and realistic, complex testing environments.

  • Over-the-air and emulated wireless environments testing.

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