WIoT Institute Joins the 1st Global OTIC Summit in Singapore

WIoT Institute Joins the 1st Global OTIC Summit in Singapore

In a significant step toward global collaboration and coordination among Open Testing and Integration Centers (OTIC), the Wireless Internet of Things Institute (WIoT) participated in the inaugural Global OTIC Summit held on August 23-24, 2023, in Singapore. The summit provided a platform for strengthening partnerships among OTICs worldwide, which are integral to the testing, integration, and validation of Open Radio Access Networks (O-RANs).

The Global OTIC Summit brought together experts, researchers, and industry leaders from the Open RAN ecosystem. The event served as a platform to discuss and advance the shared vision of creating seamless and interoperable Open RAN solutions to redefine the telecommunications landscape.

Michele Polese, Principal Research Scientist at the WIoT Institute, joined the host team to share valuable insights into the Open Test and Integration Center established at Northeastern University. With this certification achieved in May 2023, this Boston-based OTIC has positioned itself as a hub for industry support, offering testbeds and cutting-edge facilities within the Open6G framework. The center will provide testing capabilities, specifically focusing on validating end-to-end control logic, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) solutions. These efforts are geared toward the design, development, and operation of open and programmable cellular networks.

The convergence of various OTIC hosts in Singapore offered an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and strategies. Hosts and industry leaders discussed the visionary outlooks, imminent challenges, successful practices, innovative solutions, and recommendations of the OTIC industry. This open discourse facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the global Open RAN landscape.

The summit’s emphasis on collaboration, knowledge exchange, and pursuing excellence laid the foundation for a more connected, interoperable, and innovative ecosystem for Open RAN.

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